new compost bin ready to put upright

The set of compost bins, what some call a "compost factory" or a "compost station", is simply adjusted for its more or less permanent location and then flipped carefully into position. It looks heavier than it is but will be sturdy enough for several years of use.

the station is sitting on ground with a bit of a slope and an uneven surface

The station is flipped and sits in its new home. The ground here is in a beautiful spot with shade from an old apple tree and a look into the neighbour's horse encosure. Sometimes they come over to say hello and hope for an apple. As it is with most properties, the ground slopes a bit and is not really level. I give the station enough time to settle so that I can get a coffee.

this corner of this frame and the base of this frame are on the ground

Notice here that the base of the frame is not resting well on the ground. The corner is at least an inch aboe the surface of the soil. Just as an aside note, the back of the station is about five inches above ground. It looks like a huge gap but I have not had any problem with compost sneaking its way out.

corner of the frame and the base of the frame are off the ground

Here is a better look at that corner. There is little need to worry about it as there is not much downward pressure on the joint.

an easy fix with shovel and soil

On the other hand why not make it as easy on the whole process as possible? A few minutes a shovel and the soil already available at the base of the bin and the frame is on a solid base. I notice that I managed to catch a few weeds along with the soil. They will compost./p>

old compost bin falling down

As the old material that was sitting in its predecessor is moved to the new station it is ready to produce lots of compost for the garden. We look forward to many years together. note As I have been using the compost factory, I have begun thinking I should have put another span of boards across the back at the top and maybe made the frames four feet deep instead of three. It works well regardless and one of these days I may make the modifications. Maybe not....

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