Making a Grow Light Plant Stand - Page 5

setting up the grow light stand with lights and plants

The stand is in place

The stand is in place and now needs the remaining pieces to make it a grow station.

cut the piece of foam to fit and put it in place

First I cut the piece of foam to fit and put it in place. This is not needed in most setups but I like it here. Notice that it is now notched to fit around the 2x2 supports.

setting the shelves in place to start

I needed more room for the larger plants so the bottom lights went on the center, 24" high, supports. Some 52" scrap boards make a shelf on the 32" high supports for a shelf and the final set of lights goes on the top to make a place for smaller plants. It is a good idea to have the lights as close to the plants as reasonable.

electrics put in temporary place

Electrics hang by the side of the stand and will be installed better later.

working all right for now

This seems to work all right for now but some more lights will be needed and the electrics will need to be secured. Please check back.