Finishing Up the Bed

As the last of the plants is dug in and watered it is time to reflect and to consider the future with expectations of blooms and growth

couple of daphne bushes between each forsythia

I am putting a couple of daphne bushes between each forsythia. I expect the daphne to develop more quickly than the forsythia but then, as the years go on, for the forsytia to overshadow the daphne. When and if that havppens I will move the daphne or give them away.

 between a couple of the forsythia

Here are a couple more of them between a couple of the forsythia. Growing your own means having enough to fill in the spaces. We have a short growing season here in Nova Scotia and I have learned to crown in the plants to make the most of the season. As plants crowd they are moved or thinned to the compost pile.

 The bed is done and watered in

The bed is done and watered in. It is evident that a screen in front of the compost station is a good idea and in a quick few years this should accomplish it well.

 the gardening goes on

Meanwhile the gardening goes on. I repair the bed around the daphne by replacing the soil that was disturbed in the moving of the plants. This bed will need a good coat of compost in the near future as well.