Making a Grow Light Plant Stand - Page 2

beginning to build the new stand

materials for the grow light stands

To make the new stand I am really going to make four ladders connected together. This will make sense as we go along. For this purpose I have

  • Four 2x2 each 48 inches long.
  • Ten 1x3 each 24 inches long
  • Eight 1x3 each 49 inches long

If you are buying the wood, the 2x2 can be ripped from a standard 2x4 and 1x3 strapping for the sides is cheap and effective.

marking the 2x2 for placing the side and end strips

I like to lay the 2x2 out on a work surface and mark all four at once at 16, 24 and 32 inches. This gives three reasonably even spaces for lights and shelves as well as a option at the halfway point fo as to have a deeper bottom shelf if necessary. Again this will make more sense as we go along. While 16 inches less room for lights, shelf and growing tray will likely leave a huge gap between light and seedling, it is easier to put a seedling tray on another try for a lift than to raise a shelf higher.

marked 2x2 for the grow lights

This is just a better look at the 2x2 all marked together. It is fast and easy and every one is even.

end "ladder" for the light stand

A ladder is made by attaching the 24 inch long 1x3s to a pair of the 2x2s at each the marks and the top and bottom. Take the time to make sure things are square. I attach the wood to the 2x2s using standard carpenter's glue and hold them in place while they dry with a few brads from a brad gun. Screws will work as well or better and nails are fine. Whatever works is good but the glue makes a world of difference. Make 2 of these ladders.

grow light ladders aside to dry

Once the glue has set I like to set the ladders aside for at least 8 hours to allow the glue to dry. Patience is a great ally in woodworking.